Friday, November 5, 2010

27 years ago today I eloped!

Sorry no card today. . . but I will tell you a story!  I met my husband, Mike in July of 1983, we worked at a motel in Utah, I also lived at the same motel.  Mike was hired for the job I had been promised, not a great start, I didn't even like him before I had ever met him.

I worked the front desk during the swing shift and Mike was hired as the assistant manager and also work as a desk clerk two night a week during the grave yard shift.  Every night when I came through the lobby after a date Mike would tell I could do better and he would line me up with friends of his if I wanted. Well that never happened.

We worked together almost every day and went to lunch a couple of times and even on a real date once. One week end he said he was going to Idaho to visit relatives and did I want to go, I was tired of work and I thought getting away would be great so I told him OK.

Well when we left town he headed south, I told Idaho is north. He said well I have an Aunt and Uncle in Vegas I thought we'd visit them, check out the casinos and Vegas is warmer than Idaho.  Well I figured I hate snow so Vegas sounded better to me. 

Well needless to say I finally met the Aunt and Uncle 5 years later, Vegas was warmer than Utah or Idaho and after 3 dates I have been married for 27 years.

So I guess I better go make a card for my sweetie. . .

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