Sunday, May 23, 2021

Baby Zoe

Zoe Rae Ellsworth (my neices baby) was born on January28, 2021with multiple heart defects and spent her first 72 days in the CICU at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. In her first 3 months of life, she had 9 surgeries, one of them being a 15-hour open-heart surgery. Because of complications with that surgery, little Zoe went into kidney failure, started having seizures, and was on life support for over a week.

In April, after overcoming so many obstacles Zoe was able to come home for almost a month an she met her big brother Gus for the first time. Sadly, she was again admitted to Primary Children Hospital CICU in heart failure. After long weeks of exhausting every possible option it has come down to Zoe not being a candidate for a heart transplant.

On May 17th Zoes was transferred to "End- of- life Care" and on May 20th came home to spend her remaining time with family. The medical expenses, and daily travel expenses for her parents (90 mile each way), the missed work and income, and the burial and end of life cost are a very heavy burden for the Ellsworth family.

There is a gofundme page  for those who are willing and able to help. I will also be selling my handcrafted cards with money going to help this sweet family. Feel free to stop in and pick out cards knowing the funds are going to a good cause.