Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 of My Kids made cards

I had empty spaces on my sample board and my 13 & 15* year old sons volunteered to help fill it they talk my 22 year old daughter into helping(she doesn't even enjoy crafts).

The first card was made by my 13 year old and I was impressed with his work(I suggested the designer paper when he was trying to decide how to finish the card) he used Loads of Fun.

My 15 year old (with the cutting talents of his sister and some advice) made the second card he used paper from the sweet pea designer pad(a piece I didn't care for) I ended up liking the card. My 13 year did the third with scraps that were in the scrap pile stamp set is Of the Earth.

4th card is another by my 13 year old it didn't live up to his hopes. He used Pun Fun and Sanded. The last card was by my daughter and she says it is why she doesn't do crafts. She used Vintage Vogue.

* My daughter said this needs more back story so that you really understand the cards. My 13 year old was grounded, no friends, TV, computer, or x-box. It was his idea to make the cards because he was bored, the 15 year old asked if he could put Lego on the card he made, all he does is build Lego things, he even made the newspaper because the group he is a member of (ULUG) was part of the train show at Thanksgiving Point in Utah, oh he makes movies with his friends as well... my daughter says "I am a Science major we don't do crafts" So you see the fact that some of these turned out pretty good is amazing. The photo is "team Awesome" Oh my daughter also says "Glitter is the cancer of the stamping world".

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LeMira said...

I think that Legos on the cards would be cool, except that they're hard to fit into envelopes.

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