Monday, January 18, 2010

My Stamp Room

My stamp room is on the middle floor of our house, it was built without windows but uses the same space as the two bedrooms directly above it. My friend works for a company hat makes custom cabinets etc. My desk was built for a lady in California it sold for about 10 thousand dollars, when it was delivered to her she refused it and so I got a great deal on it.
#1The side counter with cupboard below is 15 feet long, the desk juts out at the half way point and is about 6 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide. Two people can use the desk at the same time.
#2 I use candy jars for storage, one for ribbon pieces, one for tape runners, one for cotton ball and q-tips, one for chipboard pieces, and some even have candy in them.
#3 I have two large bookcases one full of scrap books the other for open studio day cards.
#4 Some of the cards for open studio, each box contains the cut supplies for the card showing.
#5 Counter with paper cutters, scor pal and scrap paper, card display above it.
#6 I store my sponge wedges, reinkers, and ink spots in these drawers.
#7 Paper and letter holder, part of the desk, I use it to store stamp sets.
#8 Pegboard storage, punches, ribbon, crimper, etc.
#9 A work table.
#10 Another shot of desk, the storage shelves on the right are behind the door when it is open. There are two doors into the room with the same storage shelves behind both doors. Not shown is a desk with the big shot on it dies etc in the drawers.
So this is my stamp room.


Allie said...

Looks awesome!

Leslie said...

Oh wow, what a great workspace, an I love the organization techniques!

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