Friday, September 21, 2018

Crafting Break

This was the view from my front porch 1 week ago! As of today, the fire is 12% contained. 

I've been spending my days working at Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Our community is taking care of the 6000 evacuees for the Bald Mountain & Pole Creek Fires that are surrounding our town. We replaced the Red Cross.

Everything is donated by the surrounding communities we are providing, clothes, bedding, hygiene, batteries, laundry products, food, first aid supplies as well as some items to help entertain displaced children. One of our local churches is opened during the day so that moms with small kids can play, watch movies etc. while the older siblings are in school.

I come home exhausted but happy that I am helping others in their time of need. 

The latest Fire Update!

Night operations on the #BaldMountainFire is reporting very little fire activity last night. The fire is at 17,999 acres and 12% containment. Evacuations remain in effect.
Due to the hard work of firefighters and favorable weather conditions, the fire #PoleCreekFire is now 32% contained and US Hwys 6 and 89 are now open in all directions. Though the roads have now been opened, the forest closure is still in place.
The Pole Creek Fire continued its northern growth in Wanrhodes Creek today. Firefighters and aerial resources worked hard to protect structures and slow the fire from advancing into Hobble Creek Canyon. However, residents in Left Fork Hobble Creek Canyon were put on alert today to open any front-access gates and to move flammables away from their structures. This is a precautionary action that will allow firefighters to prepare for structure protection should the fire advance into that area.
On the southeast flank, the fire continued to burn towards the Coal Hollow Fire, which crews are using as a fire break. Multiple “super scoopers” air tankers used Strawberry Reservoir as a water source for drops on this portion of the fire. Evacuations remain in effect.

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  1. Kath, the Lord will bless you tenfold for what you are doing! A vlog I follow has also been reporting on the fire and actually went to a donation center with a large donation for the residents and fire fighters. May God bless those fighting the fire and send rain to the area to help put out that huge fire.