Thursday, May 9, 2013


Have you ever started cleaning and sorting hoping to make things easier to find? It seems that everytime I start it takes longer than I expect and while in progress I can't find anything!  This time it is my craft room. With the retirement going on I started collecting everything that I will be selling at a discount and in the process I lost the cord to my iphone and couldn't download anything to post. Well I found it this morning and thought I share a card I received.
Stampin' UP! has started a program called Paper Pumpkin you can sign up for it and every month they send a papercrafting kit to you. I haven't signed up because when I am spending money I want  to see what I am getting before I pay.  Aprils kit was for these cards. Many demos were upset with the "love your guts" phrases, I was sad I couldn't get it because I hadn't signed up for it. I mentioned on a demo board that I thought it was cute, all my life we have used that expression and I thought it would have made some of my siblings smile getting a card with that on. Well another demo, Amy Koenders said she had made her cards and if I want to trade some product for it she would trade. Well with the stamp set she sent this finished card. Cute huh?

So thanks Amy!

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