Tuesday, May 12, 2015

House Update :)

I thought I'd share they photos of our laundry room redo. My before picture got deleted before I got it downloaded, so the first photo is an "in progress" photo.
This is the closest "before" picture, the hideous wallpaper was partially torn off. We had to stack the washer and dryer so that the clothes hamper could fit in the room instead of sitting in the hallway.

My son used a battle ax to tear down the wall between the hall and the laundry room(the open door is the the end of the hall going into the garage).

Dry wall down, the wiring was moved before the studs came down, we had wires come down from the attic as well as up from the basement going to 5 switches we also added an additional outlet.

 We found a lower cabinet at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and painted it and the upper cupboard to match each other.

My husband taught my son to cut the slate tile, then he installed it.

My husband watched a YouTube video then made a counter top.

We added a sink(every builder should know that they are important to have in a laundry room). The white subway tiles came from the Restore but we had to buy the glass tiles from Home Depot that are between them.

So  new paint on the wall a hall way that now ends with a door going to the laundry and through the laundry is the door to the garage. My laundry room is twice the size it was and looks good too!

Next up will be my craftroom we are moving it to the basements basement. (My house is 1 story from the front and 3 from the back, all walk out. My current craft room is in the first level basement and has no windows, the new one will have a window overlooking my waterfall and pond as well as french doors to the out side.  It will have a built in 15 foot desk. Some lucky crafter will get it when we put the house up for sale.

Cards will be posting again tomorrow.

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