Monday, March 23, 2015

Light Project

Over the next couple of months we (my son, myself and at time my husband) are working on projects that hopefully make our house more easily sold. We did a lot of work when we bought it 11 years ago but life/living side tracked us and things we planned on doing didn't get done.  

My breakfast area ceiling fan was an inexpensive builders grade white and gold fan.

Since we had left over paint from doing these door/drawer handles.
We decided to make the fan match. We took it apart and since my son and I had never taken apart a ceiling fan before we took some picture along the way so that we could refer to them when putting it back together if needed.

Washing them came next.

Next we decided what we wanted oiled bronze and what we wanted red. It took a couple of coats of paints and sadly those photos were deleted.
When the paint was dried putting it together began.
 My husband on the left my son on the right adding the fins to the fan.
 Looks good!
It works!
Looks so good! Better then what these photos can show.

So with the under $20 we spent to do the handles in the kitchen we were able to include the light in that amount. 
I was looking at ceiling fans just in case it didn't work and the cost of the lights that most closely looked like the finished light were in the $200-300 dollar range,

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