Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two Weeks of Scout Camp Left!

This week has been eventful! It started Sunday night up at camp with a friendly wrestling match between my son Ryan and one of his friends. This was the results of the match. . .

So instead of going home that night and getting sleep I made a trip to the ER, with in 5 minutes of my leaving to the ER 3 more staff members got injured in accidents (we had only had one all summer, then last Sunday 4 in ten minutes).  It was suggested by the camp director that maybe he should take some time of to heal, Ryan wasn't willing, he did go home at night with me but he was at work everyday. He works in shooting Sports but he didn't let being one armed stop him.
Yes he did hit the target and earned 9 points for the shot, it impressed the scouts.

We had many handicapped boys in camp this week. One scout group really impressed me with how well they included the handicapped boy in their group.  Maple Dell has a competition called the Jr Iron man, it is done with teams, one person swims across the lake, tags the next person who runs around the lake and tags one member of the two man canoe leg of the event, those two launch the canoe and with out paddles must go around the buoys and back.  So the troop had their swimmer, but three boys pushed their handicapped team member in his wheelchair/jogging type stroller around the lake and then let two others take the canoe leg. They lost the race but won all my our respect. The smile on the face of that boy was the best part of the week.


Kids paddling in Jr Ironman

I'll try to post another card soon.


  1. Hope your son is doing ok now...
    Sounds like y'all were having a good time though and the picture of the lake is just gorgeous. What a wonderful place for a camp. And it looks like all the boys are enjoying themselves.

  2. It looks like a beautiful area, Kath. I pray your son heals quickly. Youth is definitely on his side.