Friday, June 6, 2008

Confessions of a rotten CASEr

Last month I was blogging and came across a card I thought would be great for card club, I jotted down the measurements so that I could try it latter when I had time. The last two pictures were my practice card, I used brads to hold the flaps up but didn't like the bulk they added to the front. The first two pictures are of the card we made for club. The girls really love it. It is perfect for Father's day, graduation, or a birthday. So how am I a rotten CASEr? I can't find the blog I saw this on to give credit to... if you know who made this let me know. The card is made with a piece of 4 1/4" x 11" CS folded in half. A piece of designer paper cut 6" x 10 3/4" folded up at 2" and then folded in half, I trimmed the 2" fold at the middle fold so that it would lay better. In my first card I used brads to form the pocket but for club we used sticky tape. Before taping the designer paper in side the card front I add a 1"x 6" strip of CS for a latch to hold the card closed. I decorated the fronts differently one with chip board and one without. Just remember to use dimentionals to raise the element that you use to slip the strip of CS to latch the card closed. The inside pockets hold two small file cards one to write your message on and the other I used the slit punch on the bottom corners to hold a gift card.

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  1. I had it on my blog.. not sure if that's where you saw it.. Patty